Sharee Collier

Summit Training 4: Virtual Summit Extras - Swag Bags, Bonuses & Giveaways

A Session by Sharee Collier (Owner, The Summit Host)


About this Session

Beyond great speakers and incredible topics, your virtual summit has got to have some pizzazz! Take your event to the next level with a virtual swag bag full of goodies for everyone who registers for your event, amazing bonuses for your all-access pass holders, and some insane giveaways your attendees actually want to win!

In this training, I’ll walk you through what I like to call ‘Event Extras”. We’ll talk about each one and cover how to best incorporate these extras into your event and how to make it beneficial to everyone involved! 

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Sharee Collier

Sharee Collier

Owner, The Summit Host

13-Time Summit Host + Serial Side Hustler

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