Virtual Event Marketing That Works!

Learn How To Grow Your Audience, Increase Your Authority & Put Cash In The Bank!

5 days. 20+ Speakers. 100% Free. 100% Fun

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The Perfect Event For

Entrepreneurs, Virtual Business Owners, Course Creators, Service Professionals, Podcasters, Digital Pioneers & Content Creators...

👩🏾 👩 🧑🏽

Build Your Audience


Establish Some Authority


Grow Your Bank Account

Entrepreneurs Need All Three

Listen. It doesn’t matter if you’re a course creator or still spend a lot of time on client work. We digital entrepreneurs need all three of those things. So if right now you’re all 😭🤮 with your current marketing strategies...

- Listening to people that feel oh-so out of touch with the here and now

- Running on the hamster wheel that is content creation

- Writing evergreen email funnels for stuff that hasn’t sold well in the first place

Then allow us to go all 🤯 and

Teach You How To Summit & Scale Your Business!

Because let’s face it. “Just build the course and find the audience later” really ain’t it no more.

But with a summit... 

Like we said up top, you’re gonna be able to…

… build an audience that actually likes you, your style of teaching, and wants to stick around for more

… establish some damn good authority within your industry so you can price how you like without the anxiety attack about “your worth”

… grow your bank account with a fun + simple-to-put-together product that doesn’t require you to keep on delivering months after the sale

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What To Expect From This Event

Step-by-Step Systems

We can’t lie. Hosting a summit is a project. That’s why as an attendee, we’re gonna guide you every step of the way so that you don’t feel lost. Our goal is for you to have fun with your marketing for a change! And it’s easier to have fun when you know what the heck you’re doing.

When you sign up, you get my whole (as in ENTIRE) 70-page summit workbook. This alone is worth the price of signing up–which is free-ninety-nine, by the way.

I really mean it when I say I want to get you through these first planning hurdles so you can actually host!

Speakers Who Really Know Their Stuff

This is no shade, but some people are out here still teaching strategies from a decade ago. Our speakers are talking about their experiences with the here and now.

We know the challenges facing digital entrepreneurs in 2023. The market feels saturated. Pre-pandemic strategies fall flat. And people who were once 7-figure earners are simply trying to figure out how to earn their customers back...

Join the event for actionable strategies. Stay for fresh perspectives. 

Actionable Workshops & Tutorials

A lot of summits just throw information at you with the idea that you’ll upgrade to a VIP pass since you couldn’t possibly have room to digest it all…But this ain’t that.

With just the free pass, you’ll be invited to daily workshops to actually P-L-A-N your digital summit. So you can walk away knowing your time was well spent and you’re ready to go on hosting one of your own.

All that to say, get ready for some action, my friend. 

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Meet Our Speaker Squad

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How Many Can You Check Off?

You’re a time-strapped digital entrepreneur who is…

😞 Disappointed by the number of leads entering your ecosystem.

😫 Frustrated by the lack of sales made with each launch cycle.

😩 Stifled by the opportunities to grow, or lack thereof.

😴 Tired of relaunching without achieving the success you’d expect. 

And you’re suddenly realizing you might be using retro marketing strategies when you need to be coming into the modern world? Here’s what we want for you instead:

Attract - Nurture - Convert

✅ Pump your email list with thousands of new targeted leads without spending any money on paid ads, newsletter mentions, or hiring any influencers

✅ Provide amazing info + inspo on topics you know your audience cares about

✅ Give your attendees a transformation that moves the needle

✅ Position your products + services as the next logical step for your people

✅ Enjoy short-term and long-term 💰💰💰 through event ticket sales and “after party” launches.

Virtual Summits deliver on all this. 

And we want to teach you how to summit, baby!

Here's How It Works

📅WHEN : When is Teach Me How To Summit?

Teach Me How To Summit will air live March 13th-17th from 8am -2pm Pacific Time.

🌐WHERE: Where Is The Event Being Held? 

On the internet, of course! The event is 100% virtual and Free to attend! We’ll send you daily links via email to get you where you gotta go.

💃🏿💃HOSTS: Whose Putting On This AMAZING Event?

Sharee Collier–hostess with the mostest! Teach Me How to Summit is her brainchild. She’s wicked smart, and gentle but also somehow firm and is bringing everything she’s learned over the last 5 years of hosting digital events to the table just for you.

Liz Wilcox– the Fresh Princess of Email herself. She’s gonna bring the energy and her best “email this way for max results” tips. You gotta see her to believe her.

🖥️REPLAYS: What If I Can't Attend Live? 

While we recommend you attend live as much as possible, we also live in the real world. Replays for each session will be available for 24 hours after the live premiere as shown on the event schedule! Want to watch after that? No problem. Upgrade to our All-Access Pass.

🤩 ALL-ACCESS PASS: So You Guys Will Be Offering An All Access Pass?

Of course! Register for your FREE pass. But we also want the opportunity to Beyonce-style “upgrade ya” if that’s your thing. All that info will come when you sign up below for free! (Oh! And yes! It will include some incredible bonuses!)

🎤 THE SESSIONS: What Kinds Of Sessions Can I Expect?

Sessions are broken out into categories depending on your interests and needs!

Each session will run 25-45 minutes and will be available for 24 hours starting with its live premier as shown on the schedule! While we’d love for you to attend everything live, we really want you to practice your discernment and attend the sessions you actually need so you can take action with the daily assignments!

Hey! I’m Sharee. 👋🏽

And I fell face first into virtual events. But let me back up a sec.

First you should know that I’ve planned and hosted 13 successful summits to date, mother to 4 kids, and I’m hosting this shindig, too.

I’ve always been a marketing nerd, but when I first entered the online scene? I kept coming across so called “experts” that seemed to just want my money at any cost. For me- that wasn't an option.

I'm an ambitious black mom, tryna make a dollar out of 15 cent.... I couldn't spend my hard earned coin. And truth be told, all those well crafted sales pitches made me wanna vomit...

I wanted to make my business work but being uniquely me, there was always something holding me back from joining these courses everyone and their mama was trying to sell me on.

So back to falling onto my face...

I was fired from my job and found myself in a panic. I needed to turn my long-loved blog from a hobby into an actual business. Translation: 💰💰💰.... I decided to put on a 5-day virtual summit and damn... that baby hit the spot! Not only did it produce the money I needed right away, but it also set me up for additional income in the long game, grew my audience by thousands of new email subscribers and customers, and put my work and my message on a platform so loud and proud, anyone breathing had to pay attention.

This is the power of virtual summits. And I’m so excited to share them with you starting March 13th.

Waddup! I’m Liz. 😜

I created my first virtual summit back in 2017. On a Facebook event page. Where I went live every hour on the hour for 5 full days. It was such a wild and big idea back then that I had to bring in 3 other partners to bring the dream to life.

Luckily, with technology (and Sharee’s workbook you get for free when signing up for this event)–things have gotten way easier.

The main thing I want you to know right now about digital summits is simple: hosting my very first event helped me realize that “wow! This online business thing is real af.”

All the fun I had hosting and the high I got off the whole thing was also pretty darn incredible.

Every year, that online event gave me the confidence I needed to keep going on these internet streets. To show up as an expert not just in my own community, but when networking, reaching out to potential partners, etc.

I can’t wait for you to get in on this too. So you can finally bust through whatever ceiling is holding you back right now and go after those big biz dreams you’ve got. (Yep. Even the ones you’re too afraid to speak out loud.)

See you on the 13th!

Meet Our Title Sponsor!

HeySummit, the virtual event platform and headline sponsor of Teach Me How to Summit, provides an all-in-one solution for creators, brands, and individuals looking to host virtual events and build a community.

With HeySummit, organizers can create a professional virtual experience, complete with live sessions, interactive features, ticketing, checkout, and analytics. Virtual events run on the HeySummit platform can help you grow your audience and monetize your passion.

Learn More About Using Hey Summit In These Sessions: 

- Using HeySummit: Setup & Getting Started

- Using HeySummit: Building An Engaging Landing Page

- Using HeySummit: Ticketing, Revenue, And Checkout Experience

- Using HeySummit: Automated Emails And Engaging With Your Attendees

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Common Questions

When is the event? 

Teach Me How to Summit will run live March 13th-17th from 8am - 2pm Pacific.

How much does it cost to attend?

How does FREE sound, my friend? Just register with one of the buttons above and get access to our daily sessions. You’ll have 24 hours to watch the 40 video sessions as they premiere.

Of course, if you want an upgrade, we’ve got that, too. 

What will I walk away with?

Let me take a deep breath and lay it all out for you!

#1–Everyone who attends will walk away with my 70-page Virtual Summit Planner which will take you by the hand and walk you through the very beginning of planning your event!

#2–Through the (carefully thought out!) variety of workshops and sessions, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how you can use a virtual summit to scale your business, by growing your audience, increasing your authority, and generating revenue!

#3– Two biz besties (Sharee + Liz) to cheer you the freak on so you actually go through with your summit and say yes to your big goals and dreams.

Overall, we want to deliver the info + inspo you need to make sure you’re set from start to finish.

Are the presentations live or pre-recorded?

We’ve got both live and pre-recorded sessions! The day will start with a live session to get the party started and we’ll also wrap up the day’s festivities live.

Important side note: Even if the speaker session is pre-recorded? Our speakers will be hanging out in live chat boxes to make sure your needs are met! They’ll be answering your questions, addressing specific concerns, and providing more insights on their covered topics!

Do I have to attend live?

Not at all. 

Of course, we encourage you to attend as many of the live premieres as you can, but it’s not a requirement. Even if you only register for the free ticket and watch replays in your 24-hour window?? You’ll still get an incredible amount of value out of this event!

What happens if I miss a session?

No worries! 

You’ll have 24 hours from the time it was scheduled to air on the event schedule to go back and watch it.

Need additional time? Just upgrade to our all-access pass and get a full year to back and rewatch everything! #winning

Is this only for service creators and course creators?

Absolutely not! 

Virtual summits can (and should!) be used in any industry and with many different business models.

Will there be captions or transcripts?

Oh yeah!

All videos will offer captions. For live sessions, captions will be made available on the replay and published within 48 hours of the live air date and time.

What’s the biggest reason I should sign up, Sharee?

Hands down– you’re ready to grow your business. You are not messing around and you are tired of stale strategies that deliver less-than-stellar results. Enough said? Get that free ticket!!

What's inside the all-access pass?

Our all-access pass comes provides the steps and tools you need to make sure your virtual summit comes to life! You'll find 

✅ Virtual Summit Starter Kit — a step-by-step project plan to make sure you know exactly how to plan your virtual summit as well as what to do and when along with the ultimate summit organizer to keep you organized in every aspect of your planning. ($299 value)

✅ Summit Email Success— every single email you need to make sure people show up to your event, stay engaged, and buy your all-access pass. ($149 value)

✅ 1 year of video replays so you can watch the content as you need it

✅ and a variety of bonuses from our AMAZING speakers!

Retail Value over $3,000💰💰💰

Can I wait to upgrade to an all-access pass?

Sure thing. No pressure. But we do have to say– there is an early bird pricing that’ll only be discounted for a short time. After the early bird sale ends, there will still be a discounted price, but not anywhere near the discount available to early bird buyers. Early bird sales will end on Day 2 at midnight.

How much time does it take to put on a virtual summit, really?

About 90 days, really. But you can choose to shorten or extend that time based on your capacity and help you may or may not have available to help put it together.

I’m already incredibly busy and barely have time to wash my hair. Will this really be a good spend of my time?

Ha! We’re both moms and get it But yes, we still encourage you to get in on this. You don’t have to spend all day in front of the screen. Use your discernment and edit your personal event schedule to only include the sessions you are most interested in.

We really encourage you to do away with FOMO and attend what matters to you the most right now. Of course, we also offer the all-access pass so you can catch everything else later. (Savvy entrepreneurs and busy folks make sure to get in on that early bird, action…)

I hosted a summit once and it was a flop. Will this help me?

Woah- sorry to hear that! Hosting a summit is a big undertaking and a huge time investment, so to have one not pan out how you expected is frustrating!

But we do believe we can make the next one bigger and better for you. We’ve put together our best speakers so you learn the strategy and reasoning behind what virtual summits really include and how to make sure you get results.

We’ve got a wide variety of speakers, topics, and summit experiences so you can really find what was “missing” last time and do it right this time.

I’m scared of the camera/super introvert. Do you think I could host a summit?

Yes! Regardless of how comfortable (or not!!) you are in front of the camera, you can still host a very successful virtual summit! The trick is to know your limits and operate within them- especially for your first event.

If you don’t want to go live- don't.

If you don’t want to do interviews- don’t.

If you only want to do presentations with screen share- do that.

We are all about doing YOU around here.

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