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Summit Training 3: Types Of Virtual Summit Sessions To Add Variety To Your Events

A Session by Sharee Collier (Owner, The Summit Host)


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Your virtual summit is made up of 2 main ingredients… your speakers and your sessions. Your speakers deliver important information and relay their messages to your audience. Your sessions, including their topics and their format, will help keep your attendees interested and engaged. 

It’s important to put some thought into what types of sessions you’ll have at your virtual summit because let’s face it… anyone can just watch a bunch of recorded videos on YouTube… they don’t need to attend a whole virtual summit to do that. So in this training, I’ll walk through examples of types of sessions you can incorporate into your virtual summit to make it an event experience rather than a video library. 

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Sharee Collier

Sharee Collier

Owner, The Summit Host

13-Time Summit Host + Serial Side Hustler

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