Bryce Cripe Camille Attell

Summit Gold: Understanding And Increasing The Value Of Your Summit

A Session by Camille Attell and Bryce Cripe


About this Session

In this session you will learn how to mine the true value of your summit, how to extract the best nuggets to increase its worth, and how to transform it into pure summit gold.

People typically start summits to educate and solve problems. When they start, creators usually aren't thinking of their summit as an ongoing business enterprise. Yet many succeed and go on to repeat editions. Both first-time summit creators and successful, experienced summit operators will learn valuable tools (picks and shovels) for determining their summit's true value, actionable ideas and tips for growth and improvement (expanding your mining claim), and finally strategies for the long-term path of their summit (casting gleaming gold bars).

Meet The Speakers

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Camille Attell

Camille Attell

Founder, Remote Work School

Remote Work Is The New Retirement Plan

Bryce Cripe

Bryce Cripe

Co-Owner, More Than A Wheelin', LLC

Financial Champion for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

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