Suzy Dickstein

How To Find Your Big Why (Without Lying On A Couch For 6 Months Thinking About It)

A Session by Suzy Dickstein (Creator of the “Rave-Worthy Business Blueprint™”, The Rave-Worthy Business)


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As Simon Sinek so eloquently put it, “People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it and what you do simply proves what you believe." Most people's messaging sounds sorta blah even to them. That's why aspiring entrepreneurs never go all in or if they do, struggle to get their businesses off the ground. They know they need to niche in, but don't really understand why or how to do it effectively. In this session, I will share with you my #1 framework for finding your big why and connecting that to everything you do in your business.

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Suzy Dickstein

Suzy Dickstein

Creator of the “Rave-Worthy Business Blueprint™”, The Rave-Worthy Business

Start a business you'll want to rave about (and so will everybody else)

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