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Video Success Coach, Frankie Jago Video is a 24/7 sales person working FOR YOU!

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Frankie has always been passionate about communicating and storytelling using visual and social media. As an award-winning filmmaker, photographer, and journalist she has worked for over a decade connecting with audiences through visual forms of media.

In 2012, she teamed up with an American filmmaker to prove you can effectively create a film with a smartphone. She was then asked to speak about the project at an international filmmaking workshop run by MINA at Massey University. This began her passion for smartphone video.

She then worked at Whitieria's Wellington Media Centre as a journalism, social media and web editing instructor, and entered the 48 Hours Film Competition, creating a short film entirely on her smartphone from concept to completion.

Entrepreneurs and business owners now hire Frankie to PROPEL their business using video because most have no skills or time to create videos that effectively communicate their message and get them results. Not to mention the fear of putting themselves out there. So she helps them quickly and easily create videos with their unique and authentic message, that grabs attention and attracts more clients.

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Using Short-Form Video To Grow Reach, Impact, and Sales

March 16, 2023, 08:00 PM
Frankie Jago