An All Access Pass Is Your Next Step

Every All Access Pass Includes

The Summit Host Starter Kit (value $299)

Perfect For Getting Started With Your 1st or Next Virtual Summit!

Get my exact step-by-step project plan, that outlines each to-do item with custom due dates for producing your events! Don't start from scratch or figure it out along the way, start with a proven list of tasks to make sure you spend your time wisely! The starter kit also includes my Ultimate Event Organizer- to help keep everything for your summit neatly organized and easy to access!

Summit Email Success

If you’re hosting a summit, you need emails.

Take this 60-minute training to learn how to make sure your summit is profitable and people actually buy your All Access Pass.

You’ll also get all the swipe copy for every email you need because writing from scratch sucks. Seriously. The emails alone are worth a ton.

Official After-Party Invitation

Come Network, Engage & Collaborate!

After the main event, come hang out, kick back, and do a little networking with your hosts, Sharee Collier, Liz Wilcox, fellow All-Access Pass Holders, and several of the Teach Me How To Summit Speakers!

Enjoy our daily signature drink (with or without the booze) and stick around to meet new business besties, potential clients, and collaboration partners!

Save $500 on The Summit Host Basecamp

Take A Lot of The Leg Work Out of Planning & Hosting Your Virtual Summit

Enjoy tools, training, templates & more! It's literally everything you need to plan and host a successful virtual summit without the headaches, stress, and overwhelm!

Get a $500 coupon to purchase Basecamp after the live event or Grab Our Lifetime Pass and get everything now for Much Less!

Over $2000 In Additional Bonuses!!!

Our Speaker Squad is amazing! We've all pitched in some pretty spectacular bonuses for you, to make sure you feel loved and appreciated!

After all, we're so thankful you attended this event and that we all had a chance to connect with you! So enjoy over $2000 in additional bonuses with your All Access Pass- beyond what we listed above!

That's Insane

Over $3000 Total Value

Buy Your All-Access Pass Now

(Before the price goes up on March 15th!)

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Every All Access Pass Is Designed To

✅ give you extended access

With the free ticket, you’ve got access to watch the presentations for 24 hours. Honestly, that’s likely not enough time to catch everything you’d like and maybe you want the luxury of not having to cram everything in.

My co-host and I really want you to ENJOY your time at the event. With the All Access Pass, you'll treat yourself to the gift of 1-year access to all the sessions plus the tools you need to make your dream event happen and some incredible bonuses!

✅ get you past the “inspired” stage

Listen. It’s important to be inspired. And the content you’re going to watch during the event... It’ll get you there.

But like a good beat can get us out of our seats and onto the dance floor? I want to get you MOVING with that awesome virtual summit idea of yours!

That’s why our upgraded passes give you a step-by-step project plan (among many other things) so you can take the momentum from this event and turn it into something real...

Like a real-life audience that sees you as an authority and pays you as such. 🎤🎤🎤

✅ shower you with goodies

We’ve all heard “ya gotta overdeliver!”... and I’m here to do just that, my friend.

When you get an All Access Pass, you get over $2000 in bonuses to help support you as you take everything and move forward with your virtual summit.

Trust me, we packed as much value into the pass as possible. Simply because we want you to feel incredible about attending this event and starting to plan your own!

Let's Talk About Those Bonuses?

Video Website Review: (value $150)

Not sure why your website isn't converting? Need a fresh perspective on what you should change, tweak and revamp? Cash in on your FREE Video Website Review!

Challenge Funnel Calculator: (value $149)

A digital funnel calculator that helps you get your numbers right! See your registration page conversions, cost per click, overall funnel conversion, and your average order value all in one place!

3 Virtual Networking Socials: (value $45)

Create authentic, quality connections with entrepreneurs at 3 Networking Socials for entrepreneurs by District Bliss!

Event Planning Bundle: (value $97)

Get an Event Planning Checklist, Event Budget Worksheet, Speaker Management, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Calendar, and Event Tech Bonuses PLUS Canva Templates, Speaker Packet, and Ticket Price Calculator.

DIY A Better Brand - Ebook Guide: (value $67)

DIY a Better Brand is an ebook guide to help you learn how to elevate your brand on your own, for a much smaller investment than hiring a professional designer. I walk you through the different aspects of building a brand and give you all of the tools to uplevel your DIY work

PLUS All Of These Exclusive Offers...

$750 Off Brand Transformation

From the comfort of your own home, you will have a private 2-hour brand strategy session with me. In this session, we will deep dive into your story, get to the core of your idea's origin story, and get to the essence of your message. From there, I'll go away and create everything. We will meet in a week or two for another 30 minutes to align on it all.

$40 off Reels to Results Bootcamp

Step-by-Step Video Training of the complete blueprint to create Reels that actually reach and resonate with your ideal clients. All done easily using your phone.

15% Off Virtual Summit Terms & Privacy Policy Template

If you’re hosting a virtual summit, one of the most important traffic locations is your website! Whether you’re selling tickets or products related to your summit or not, you need to have both a terms & conditions agreement and a privacy policy on your website/landing page.

$500 off The Summit Host Basecamp

All the training, tools & templates virtual event hosts need to create online events that deliver impact! From Speaker Pitch Templates & Intake Forms to Graphics Templates, Website Images, and Much More!

Get a $500 coupon to purchase Basecamp after the live event when you purchase our 1 Year All-Access Pass or Grab Our Lifetime Pass and get everything you need now for Much Less!

15% Off Hello Audio

Add a private podcast feed to your events, courses, and memberships with Hello Audio! It's easy to set up and adds an easy way for attendees, clients, and subscribers to listen to your content on the go!

50% Off Your First Year Of Flodesk!

Save big on email for your first year using Flodesk! Enjoy Unlimited Subscribers, Unlimted Email Sends, Automation, Segments & even checkout pages, and a variety of forms! Create beautiful emails with Flodesk and make your emails matter!

$20 Off Contracts Done Wright Products

Get $20 off any contract or collection at Contracts Done Wright! 

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Tickets are currently being setup for this event. Please check back later.

That's Insane

Over $3000 Total Value

Buy Your All-Access Pass Now

(Before the price goes up on March 15th!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me what’s included in the All Access Pass, again.

Ooo! My favorite question!

With the all-access passes, you'll get extended access to the event, a project plan with step-by-step tasks to plan your own event, a virtual event organizer to keep you neat and tidy, all the email templates you need for before, during, and after your event plus $2000 in additional goodies!

I get easily overwhelmed with lots of info and stuff.

AND that’s why I created a searchable dashboard for everyone who purchases the bundle. You will be able to click on different categories and choose ONLY what you need from each one.

If I don’t buy but want to upgrade later, how does that work?

Tickets will be available until March 31st.

So just come back here before that date and purchase your pass. You’ll miss out on the BIG discounts we’re offering before and during the live event, but the pass is still a great deal regardless of when you purchase it.

How do I claim my bonuses?

To claim the bonuses, you’ll get an email with links to the contributor’s site where you can access what you need. We don’t want this to be overwhelming, so get in there and get your goods–but only what you really want and need, okay?

Be sure to claim all the bonuses you want by 3/31/2023. After that, we can’t promise everything will stay up and running.

When will I get access to everything?

Great question!

After you purchase, an email will be delivered straight to your inbox with all the login info + details on how to access the bonuses!

As for the event session- those will be available as shown on the event schedule from March 13th - 17th.

Are the Bonuses Available Immediately?

Yes! Your All-Access Pass Bonuses will be available immediately after purchase! We will send an email with links to redeem each offer.

Got a refund policy, Sharee?

Look. I get it. It’s hard to make a purchase without a guarantee.

But due to the digital nature of the product and the fact that it contains instant downloads and material from multiple businesses that neither I nor my co-host Liz owns, refunds are not available.

I highly encourage you to look through all the details before you purchase. If you know you need more handholding to get your event from idea to reality…10/10 recommend getting this upgrade!

I have other questions. Who do I contact?

I love an informed decision-maker. Just email [email protected] 

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Tickets are currently being setup for this event. Please check back later.